~in San Miguel de Allende~
~girls on the sunset boat cruise~

Abstraction of the outdoors is my inspiration.  The process I apply to my works includes building and subtracting layers upon layers of paints while embracing a neutral palette.  Over time, colors turn nonrepresentational and morph into their own shape, form, angles and curves. What is extraordinary for me is that as I go out past what I know—past where I am controlling what I do—my brushstrokes turn into coherency and purpose. I do not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead to portray naturalistic environments through shapes, colors, and gestural marks. Paying tribute to the natural world around us through my works, I am reminded to slow down and find my inner peace by reconnecting with nature.  I will continue to explore these concepts through a predominantly soft, neutral palette through building, subtracting and layering paints which in turn creates nonrepresentational life throughout my works.